The Terlingua MOON

The Terlingua

3 October 2017 –Vol. 28, #40
This week’s Moon brought to you by Ghost Writers on the Sly.

Last Minute Low Budget Productions
FREE Backstage passes — One Day Only
Hey kids! Our talent show is coming up next Thursday. We need help with cleanup backstage on Wednesday At 9:30 AM.
Questions? Contact Sarah Bourbon at
Come help out! Many hands make light work!

Can you dance an Irish jig?
Or tease your hair up Dallas big?
Can you rattle off limericks?
(Without sex or politics)?
Can you play the kazoo?
Maybe bongo drums too?
How about impressions?
Or funny expressions?
Wistfully whistle Dixie?
or be magically tricksy?
Make balloon weiner dogs?
Or ribbit like frogs?

Everyone’s special, it’s true
There’s something unique you can do
So don’t be ungallant,
Come show off your talent
You might even win some cash too!

WE NEED YOU! Thursday October 5 at 6 pm, LMLB will produce a community talent show at Cinnabar Theater. Providing cash prizes of $100, $75 and $50 for the winners voted by the audience. In lieu of admission or concessions, we will be collecting donations for the Terlingua School Student Council. To sign up to perform (family-friendly, please), please contact Scott at Fire Up! The Starlight is hiring. Want to work with a great team and fix terrific food for the best residents and visitors a town could have? email Attn: Diego and send us your resume. Or stop by The Starlight (side entrance) between 2 and 5, any day of the week, to pick up an application or drop off your resume. or 371-2174. If you want to donate food or beverages for the audience or performers, or help with the show, please contact Sarah Bourbon at 432-386-3178.

We know Christmas seems like a long way off, but it’s really right around the corner. We are looking for volunteers to help with the Christmas program at Barton Warnock Visitor Center. Our dedicated volunteers Resa Michaud Callahan & Glenda Luttrell have moved on and will not be here this year. These are big shoes to fill, but we know there are some good candidates out there. We will need some help coordinating dance groups, choir, refreshments and other entertainment from groups in our community. The program is usually about the second week in December so we need assistance in the few weeks leading up to that. Please let Voni and Paul know if you are interested. Call Amber at the BWVC for questions or if you need more information, 432-424-3327.

The Big Bend High School Junior Class THANKS all community members, parents, staff, and students that helped make our Homecoming Pep Rally, Kids Fun Run, 5-Miler, and Concession Stand a great success. We had over 50 participants in the 5-Miler and about 30 kids completed the Fun Run. Special thanks to Jill Jones for her help at the concession stand, Ted Arbogast with the tunes, Betina Kearns, Juanita Mendoza, Rachel Crockett, Christin Orren, and Ellen Quigg out on the course, as well as, the Terlingua Fire & EMS and Deputy Ben for their support. Go Paisanos!!!

Let’s bring Ride Share to Big Bend! I’m driving and referring with Uber and Lyft to recover from my medical expenses and loss of income from a mountain bike wreck in Lajitas (broke my collarbone and had to have surgery/can’t work as a massage therapist). If you’ve ever thought about driving for them, if you do it now and use my referral links, it will help me out! You can drive for both simultaneously!
Thanks! Sally Bug

There is a new Emergency Notification system for Brewster County via the Brewster County Web site in both English and Spanish. Web Site: You need to SIGN UP for the service that will notify you of AMBER alerts, hazardous traffic or road conditions, weather emergencies, boil water advisories or evacuation notices, etc. YOU MUST SIGN UP FOR THE SERVICE!

At Jackass Flats Terrymar Pavilion — Bring a DISH and a CHAIR, a SONG and or an INSTRUMENT . Feature musician and welcome home JIM KEAVENY!!! all musicians welcome , set in build a circle … WHAT MAKES THE HARVEST MOON DIFFERENT FROM OTHER FULL MOONS? There are just a little over 12 complete Moon cycles every year, on average (there being about 29.53 days in a synodic month). The Harvest Moon isn’t like the other Moons. Usually, throughout the year, the Moon rises an average of about 50 minutes later each day. But near the autumnal equinox, the difference is only 30 minutes. Additionally, the Full Harvest Moon rises at sunset and then will rise very near sunset for several nights in a row because the difference is at a yearly minimum. It may almost seem as if there are full Moons multiple nights in a row!

The Terlingua Bottoms Group of AA meets every Thursday at 7:30 at the Big Bend Church in Study Butte. The meetings are open to anyone who has or thinks they may have a drinking problem.

Draftex LLC – Design work for south Brewster County. Contact Jeff Gavin: 830.739.6986 or

Fire Up! The Starlight is hiring. Want to work with a great team and fix terrific food for the best residents and visitors a town could have? email Attn: Diego and send us your resume. Or stop by The Starlight (side entrance) between 2 and 5, any day of the week, to pick up an application or drop off your resume.

Terlingua Recycles! Hey friends – the recycling effort here in Terlingua has been terrific as far as folks dropping off their recycling at the center. Cardboard, plastic, aluminum, tin, etc. What we could really use is some help once a month when we take our recycling bins into the recycling center at Big Bend National Park. That’s where we sort through our bins to get the right items into their bins. It may seem like we should just have to get a front-loader and dump them over but you’d be surprised what people put into the bins. Yes we take plastic but the plastic containers can’t be 1/4 full of last week’s milk; and the tin or aluminum cans can’t have remnants of cat food . . . the cleaner your recycled items the better. But, bottom line, we need a few more volunteers – JUST ONCE A MONTH 😊 It’s typically the last Thursday of the month – we meet at the center around 8 and we get back around noon. You can ride with one of the other volunteers or drive your own car (we like carpooling – keeps that footprint down)! In addition to the increased amount of recycling (YAY) our volunteers diminish over certain months as they beat the desert heat. Please consider a few hours of your day on October 26 – mark your calendars now! Be at the center (right behind Terlingua EMS) at 8 and let’s get ‘er done. Many hands make light work. If you can’t make a several hour commitment once a month, we could also use help any day of the week. If you’re driving by, just stop in and see if anything is out of order (bins closed, no trash lying around . . . if something’s out of place, give us a call. If you have questions, send us a message on Facebook at Terlingua Recycles or call 830.739.6986. And an ongoing THANKS to Jim and Barbara Hines who haul the bins into the Park 9 times out of 10.

Next Saturday Oct. 7 from 10am 3pm Terlingua Ranch Community Church will have a fund raising yard sale at the church grounds on Church Road, a short left turn off the Ranch Road a mile or so before getting to the lodge area. Camping supplies, large metal mail box, nice luggage, large upright and medium chest freezers, vacuum cleaners, Ladies Schwinn bicycle, electric cement mixer, large TV, books (mainly self help), lounge chair, office chair, many other items. Free iced tea.

Becoming Mechanic Services:
Winter is Coming, time to winterize your car. If your vehicle has been in low water crossings it is a good idea to check your differentials and transfer cases for water contamination. Our cars and trucks help to keep us secure – let’s keep them in good running condition. Call today for rates and schedules: (432) 371-2694 OR (432) 294-0128.

Desert Sports
We now have sign up sheets for people wanting to join in the fun for the Screamin Green Scene Recycled Fashion Show, October 28th at the Boathouse at 5:30 p.m. Still looking for designers and models. Don’t forget about the meeting at the Boathouse October 12th at 2:00. Please join us.
Shottime Liquors

Hours: Monday – Saturday 10:00am – 9:00pm, Closed on Sundays
Come on in and check out our October Specials!
Please like us on Facebook!

El Dorado
Thursday: come join us with Ken as he spins your favorites from he 60 to the 90s
Friday: Dave Dershem 730
Saturday: Doctor Fun 730

The Starlight is going to have a great Rocktober – hope you do as well! Thanks to everyone who came out for Skirt Night (and to the gals who turned it into Mustache Night, too! Our grand prize winner was Ed Sullivan!

In addition to this week’s great music, it’s the last week for SNAP! The photographs of Carey Kelley and Beth Doolittle. This coming Saturday, there will be an artists reception for our next show: Eye of the Beholder – the work of Erik Walker, Jennifer Hogue Pena and Molly Dumas. 5 – 7 p.m.

This week’s music:
Monday, 10/2: Scott Walker
Tuesday, 10/3: Uh Clem
Wednesday, 10/4: Dave Dersham
Thursday, 10/5: The Whitmores
Friday, 10/6: Matt Ward & Bonnie Montgomery
Saturday, 10/7: Elli Perry PLUS Artists Reception for Eye of the Beholder – the work of Erik Walker, Jennifer Hogue Pena and Molly Dumas 5-7
Sunday, 10/8: Movie: Tin Cup with Dennis Quaid
Monday, 10/9: Chet O’Keefe

Brewster County Commissioners Court public notice
Thursday, October 3, 2017 at 11 am Brewster Coutny Courhouse commissioners courtroom 6th and Cave E Alpine. Agenda to discuss and take action on County Treasurer Approve payroll for September 18 – October 1 and discuss appropriate action.

Chestnut just arrived to the Alpine Shelter. This big-eared little Chihuahua-papillon mix is 10 months old and ready to start livin’! He is friendly with people and dogs and has an appetite for adventure! For more information about any pet in the Alpine Shelter, email