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The vastness of Terlingua…. which includes her remoteness,  her mountains,  creeks,  canyons, valleys,  skies, ghost towns, her communities……is the essence that attracts one to the area.

Have you ever wondered how long it would  take for an eagle to fly over Terlingua?

It would take an hour and half to drive from one end of Terlingua to the other,  that is how large the area is.   And half of that would be dirt roads.


Not a small plot of land,  although the USGS  (United States Geological Survey)  with the University of Texas,  officially made a map and called it Terlingua in 1902,  where they took a portion of the topography   (11 miles x 5 miles  out of the vast area and called it the Terlingua Map.  That survey  was the mercury mining district,  known to be called simply the Terlingua Mining District.   You will find the 1902  map on this site in the HISTORY  link,  under historic maps.  Along with many other early maps ,  you may get an idea how the area was viewed before the area was domesticated,  from early topographers to the later Department of Highways.  With some study,   it can be researched how the name of Terlingua evolved.


Terlingua is in a desert.    From the high elevations of 3800 feet to low elevations along the Rio Grande of less than 2000 feet,   occasionally,  but sometimes it may seem quite often,   art and music is made and shared.   Two parks,  the Big Bend National Park,  and the Big Bend Ranch State Park surround the area of Terlingua on several sides,   giving one the illusion of being in the wild west.     In the Big Bend National Park,   one can hike to an elevation of 7800 feet and view  Texas and Mexico divided by the Rio Grande’s elevation of 1800 feet.


In the ARTs pages,  painters’, musicians’, and performers’ websites are linked for you to view.


This site is to provide links or contacts to the artists of the wide open  Terlingua area.

History about Terlingua links will include detailed historic maps of the area.

Nature links include the study of nature by researchers who make the Big Bend  Terlingua inhabitant and visitor aware of what makes the area unique.

For questions about travel to the area,  please contact the Big Bend Chamber of Commerce.

Or Visit the site:   Visit Bend Bend dot com

Not only the beauty of the land inspires the artists of Terlingua…..

the varied wildlife that has been able to survive the harsh environment also inspires the 2-legged creatures with the desire to create.

Pet Warning:  Climate in the Fall, Winter, and  early Spring  in the heart of the Big Bend  are usually wonderful for tourists, residents and pets, but please don’t leave your pets in cars, with windows  partially rolled up even in warm winter days.    Pets are not allowed in many places,   so please find a sitter for them while you eat, hike,  or whatever reason you must leave your car.