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Alter Ego Event at La Kiva Bar and Restaurant

Arts, Music, Culture, History,  and interesting happenings in the communites of 
Terlingua  (Study Butte, Bee Mountain & Terlingua Creek, Ghost Town, and the surrounding Terlingua Ranch areas)
Terlingua Ranch Lodge 
Rio Grande, Desert, and Mountains in
the Big Bend Parks 

Art Galleries: Paintings, Jewelry, Pottery, Sculpture, and Crafts, by local artists of the Big Bend

Musicians: Wide variety of Music is heard by local musicians, in several choices of nightclubs

                                      What is so special about Terlingua, Texas???
Terlingua is a special place, because of its deserts, its mountains, its views.      The name is famed for quite a number of reasons, not due to just one specific event.  Thousands make the Fall annual  week- long  Terlingua Chili Cookoff,  others enjoy the peaceful, escape from the rat-race , the inspiring  landscapes, or to study the rich geology, archaeology and paleontology in the mountainous and desert land forms.   Those who live in Terlingua take pride to call this their home, and eager to see the arts and entertainment culture grow among this small population in a vast territory.  
Where are the borders of the terlingua city limits?   Fictionally, they begin within the National Park border and the entrance to the National Park, around Dawson Creek,  Southeast of Study Butte; 
Then it extends all the way to the Rio Grande at Lajitas, and a little bit into Mexico, picking up Paso Lajitas; 
North to the Aqua Fria area;  
And then East all the way to Terlingua Ranch Headquarters.
 Encompassing all the communites from  Study Butte,   Bee Mountain,   Terlingua Creek,     the little 248 community,     Ghost Town,     Paso Lajitas  (historic Comanche and Apache crossing of the Rio Grande),     Fulcher Ranch,     and the many Terlingua Ranch communites virtually encompassing or surrounding all these areas.  
For fact,  Terlingua has no real borders.   Although she has had her name on, or near all of the above areas during the past 100 + years, she still remains proudly UNINCORPORATED!  
Pet Warning:  Climate in the Fall, Winter, and  early Spring  in the heart of the Big Bend  are usually wonderful for tourists, residents and pets, but please don't leave your pets in cars, with windows even partially rolled up.  

HISTORY, About Terlingua in the Big Bend